Little-Scale Sound Chip Samples

Stumbled on this interesting blog which has some great sample packs of 8 bit bleeps and tones, taken from many well known electronic devices. The featured soundset, is a copyright-free and license-free pack of the Phillips SAA-1099 sound chip. The soundset contains 96 samples that are pitched, and 16 samples of noise from varying frequencies. All the sounds come from hardware with no filtering or additional processing. There are also  other free sample packs available such as :


Commodore 64 SID 8580

Yamaha YM2413 pitched and drum

Yamaha YM2413 drums

SEGA Master System II SN76489

SEGA Mega Drive YM2612


General Instruments SP0256-AL2

Atari POKEY Noise

Atari 2600 TIA

These sounds would be great for drum and bass, dubstep, grime, hip hop, industrial, ambient and more so head on over there and check them out!




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