Free Orchestra Samples !

We found this absolute gem of a site and simply had to include it on ours. It’s easy these days, in the age of the virtual synth with multiple oscillators, portamento’s and lfo’s to overlook that quite traditional aspect of ‘real’ musical instruments.

The Philharmonia Orchestra is one of the world’s leading orchestras. Recognised with being at the forefront of music techniques, with an outstanding recording history, the Philharmonia excels in everything it does. Their site has absolutely tons of information about the background of the Orchestra and is most definitely worth a browse.

What brings its attention to this site however, is the huge library of free samples they have available to download. There are literally THOUSANDS of free samples to download, ranging from single sounds to full on loops and phrases. These are also all royalty free, their terms are: You are free to use these samples as you wish, including releasing them as part of a commercial work. The only restriction is they must not be sold or made available ‘as is’ (i.e. as sampler or as a sampler instrument). Seem’s fair enough!

Head on over to their site and take in some of the culture, and bring some musicality back to your productions!




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