Roland TR 707 Drum Machine Samples

The hardware drum machine that goes by the name of TR -707 by the legendary Roland was first put into production way back in 1984. House music pioneers were quick to adopt this classic drum machine to make it an integral part of the early house sound which progressed into acid house. It is used often in the middle east as a bread and butter sound set for their pop music genres.

The instruments are sampled at 12 bits, low by todays standard but more than adequate in its heyday. It is still used today as its connectivity options are extensive and excels at synchronising with other items of music hardware.
There are fifteen sampled sounds in the TR – 707 including 2 bass drum and snare sounds that can’t be triggered together! The sounds include :
Bass Drum / Snare / Low Tom / Mid Tom / Hi Tom / Rimshot / Cowbell / Hand Clap / Tambourine / Hi Hat ( Closed/Open) / Cymbal ( Crash/Ride)
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