Free Roland TR-505 Drum Machine Samples

The Roland TR-505 Drum Machine was released way back in 1986. This drum machine includes drum sounds aimed at Rock music as well as some Latin sounding drums akin to the TR-727. The unit is capable of storing 48 drum patterns in 6 songs. Famous users of the 8 voiced, Digital Sample based TR-505 Drum Machine include Vince Clarke and Aphex Twin.

5 Best: Recording Software

The sounds available are:

Low Conga,Hi Conga,Timbale,Low Cowbell,Hi Cowbell,Hand Clap,rash Cymbal, Ride Cymbal,Bass Drum,Snare Drum,Low Tom,Mid Tom,Hi Tom,Rimshot,Closed Hi-hat,Open Hi-hat.


DNB Samples from Loopmasters


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